Code of Practice

Read about our Code of Practice here.


This CoP focuses on our existing and potential, residential and business customers.

The Onyx Group are committed to offering a level of service that “exceeds” the customer’s expectations. To that end the aim of this Code of Practice is to provide you (the customer) with information that will allow you to interact with the different departments that make up the Onyx Group. Also, to inform you of our range of services, our operating philosophy, customer’s rights and obligations, and what to do in the unlikely event you are unhappy with any aspect of the services we provide.


Onyx Group is leading the world in its innovative use and application of technology to provide businesses with solutions to their complex problems. By integrating best-in-class network connectivity, data hosting, network security and managed services we can uniquely reduce data and information risk and increase company-wide efficiencies.

Onyx Group supply a large range of Internet products including:

Internet Connectivity utilising:

Dial-up access
High speed
Wireless access control
Leased Lines

Email services

Multiple POP boxes

Internet Security

Managed Firewall solutions
Firewall policy change management solution
Virus Guard, Spam Guard and email content filtering
Network use and abuse control
Penetration testing

Hosting and Disaster Recovery

Managed Server solutions
Virtual Hosting
Data Back-Up
Data Monitoring


Sales enquiries:

Should you have any sales queries relating to our products and services, or wish to discuss a service not shown in our product line-up you may contact Onyx by the following methods.

Via Ticket System:

By post: Sales Dept
Onyx Group
Onyx House (Stockton)
9 Cheltenham Road
Portrack Interchange Business Park
TS18 2AD

By Email:

Tel: 08457 715715 (lo-call rate)
01642 216216
01642 216200
By Fax: 01642 216201

Office hours Monday – Friday 9.00am/5.00pm

For technical support queries:

Via Ticket System:

By post: Technical Support
Onyx Group
Onyx House (Stockton)
9 Cheltenham Road
Portrack Interchange Business Park
TS18 2AD

By Email:

Phone: 03333 440 440 (lo-call rate)
01642 216226
01642 216200

Office hours Monday – Friday 8.00am/6.00pm

For Accounts queries

Via Ticket System:

By post: Accounts Dept
Onyx Group
Onyx House (Stockton)
9 Cheltenham Road
Portrack Interchange Business Park
TS18 2AD

By Email: /

Tel: 0845 345 5754 (lo-call rate)
01642 216200
By Fax: 01642 216201

Office hours Monday – Friday 9.00am/5.00pm

For Provisioning queries

Via Ticket System:

By Email:

Tel: 01642 216200, Select Sales & ask for extension 306, 327.
By Fax: 01642 216201

Office hours Monday – Friday 9.00am/5.00pm


All Onyx services and packages are subject to our standard terms and conditions located here.

Details of our supplementary information, terms and conditions that are service specific, are provided with our order forms.


All contracts, (unless otherwise stated on the order forms), are for a minimum period of 12 months and for each renewal period thereafter unless and until either party serves on the other not less than 30 days notice of its intention to terminate the contract, such notice to expire at the end of either the initial period or a renewal period.

Termination of any Onyx service must be made in writing and addressed to the Accounts department. Onyx will accept cancellations via:

Email, (provided email from either the email address shown as a contact on your account, or from an authorised representative from a domain name on your account).

By post on original company headed paper to:

Accounts department
Onyx Group
Onyx House (Stockton)
9 Cheltenham Road
Portrack Interchange Business Park
TS18 2AD
By Fax: 01642 216201


Onyx issue invoices by post and email 30 days in advance of any recurring payment. These invoices require payment by the 30th day. Recurring fee and setup fee, together with rental periods will be outlined in the order form you have provided to Onyx. Your invoices will state the payment terms, and you must ensure payment actually reaches us or our bank within these payment terms. Payments to Onyx may be made in the following ways:

By cheque
By Direct Debit (signed original Direct Debit form required at the time of ordering)
Bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS)

Payment for any setup component to the ordered service is required immediately. Once the service is made active, the recurring annual fee will be then be taken by your chosen method as indicated on your order form. Typical recurring periods are monthly, quarterly or annually, and are dependant upon the service requested.

If you have difficulty paying your invoice, please contact our Accounts department as soon as possible. We may be able to help provide alternative methods of payment. Please note that if we are unaware of any payment difficulties, reminders will continue to be sent and your service/s may be suspended or even cancelled.

Cancellation of a direct debit will amount to a material breach of the Contract between both the Onyx Group and the customer and will give us the right to terminate the Contract unless quickly rectified.

Any blind or otherwise visually impaired customer may request our contractual terms and conditions as well as our bills to be provided in an acceptable format. If a customer has a relevant disability, he/she may appoint a nominee for billing and payment matters.


All orders must be made on official Onyx order forms, unless you are informed to use, or provided otherwise. These forms should be forwarded to the Sales department upon completion. If you wish a Purchase Order (PO) number to be shown on your invoice, a copy of this PO must be supplied with the order form.

Prices for Onyx services are available on our website in the appropriate section, or can be obtained by contacting our Sales department direct, as detailed above In Section 3. All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT.


Contact can be made to most departments as detailed above. For general queries, whether relating to Accounts, Technical Support, Sales or Provisioning, we encourage customers to send their query via Onyx’s Ticket System found here.

This system logs your enquiry, provides you with a unique ticket number to be able to refer to, and further provides you with the ability to track the ticket, along with the progress made. Tickets can be sent to most internal departments.

Sales/Support queries that do not require changes to your services can also be made by visiting the above URL. Simply choose the department you wish to contact, and request help via “Live Support”, a text dialogue box will then appear and you may type a message detailing your query. You will then receive an instant reply.


General information including invoices, terms & conditions etc will be made available on our web pages from time to time. As a technology driven company, we may use email to convey changes to the services we offer, inform our customers of changes to our pricing, our terms and conditions, or other important information. We encourage you to check our website and read your email to ensure that you are aware of such information. We may also send you faxes should you require, for example, copy invoices, user-name/password details. Invoices are sent by ordinary post.

You may contact us using any methods outlined in Section 3 above.


Onyx Group do not impose quota limits on its customers email accounts, however, we do expect that our customers download their email. If after one year customers emails have yet to be downloaded, we will archive these emails away from our email server. After a further 6 months, and if no request is received to download these emails, Onyx reserve the right to delete them from their system.


Onyx accepts that the services it provides are extremely important to our customers. To provide a reliable, fast and resilient service is a responsibility the Onyx Group fully understand and strive to excel in. In the event of a service failure, Onyx will endeavour to publish up-to-date information on the effected services on our Support web page in both a graphical, and text based manner, and by email to those who have subscribed to Onyx’s Network Announcement service available from the above URL. Where practicable, a time to fix time will also be provided.

Broadband ADSL, SDSL, virtual hosting services: Liability for any loss of these services of 7 days or more, whether a result of a fault, hardware failure or human error, is limited to a refund of the amount paid to Onyx for the period the service was not adequately provided, on a pro-rata basis. Should an incident relate to an ongoing issue of over one month of 7 days or more, rather than a specific time frame, Onyx will refund one months service. Onyx will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss resulting from service disruption whether a result of a fault, hardware failure, or human error. For these reasons, customers using Onyx services for mission critical applications should seek advice from their salesperson on what precautions can be taken, (or other services purchased), that could add reasonable resilience to the service purchased.

Some services provided by Onyx have a predefined SLA (Service Level Agreement) and such SLA’s may be tied to the SLA’s provided to Onyx by 3rd parties, such as a Telco. Details of SLA’s will accompany all service quotations.

Leased line/permanent connections: It must be clearly understood that Onyx relies upon part of its own network being supplied by 3rd party Telecommunication Companies (Telco’s). From time to time, these services may be interrupted and this in turn may affect Onyx’s ability to provide a 1st class service to its customers. Normally, notice will be served of such interruptions, or downtime. However there may be occasions where this is not possible. In such instances, Onyx will use best endeavour practice to have the issue cleared as quickly as possible so as to minimise the affects of any downtime or outage experienced. On occasions, claims will be made against the supplying Telco for service credits. When there is a positive result to such a claim, then this will be passed to the customer in the form of service credits if appropriate to do so. Sometimes, Acts of God such as lightening strikes, JCB activity, flooding and fire etc, can cause major interruptions to Telco supplies. It must therefore be understood that there may be events which are totally outside Onyx’s control that may affect our ability to service our SLA’s by way of correcting the situation in a timely fashion.


Onyx prides itself on the high quality of its customer service and would confidently expect that the vast majority of issues to be dealt with effectively, and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. In the unfortunate event that a customer feels that a complaint must be made, we have a clearly defined procedure. Complaints may be made either:

By post : See section 3
By Email: See section 3
By Fax:- 01642 216201

1. Any initial complaint should first be made to the department concerned. Department contact information is detailed above (section 3).
2. The majority of complaints should be dealt with at department level to your total satisfaction, but should they not be, the complaint can be escalated to the manager of the department in question. He/she will contact you within one hour and investigate the case accordingly. He/she will then contact you again within 24 hours for an update/decision resulting from their investigations.
3. Customers not satisfied with the resolution or explanation provided by the Departmental Manager can make a further written complaint to the Operations Manager who will respond in writing within 3 working days of receipt.
4. If the above procedures have been carried out as detailed above and a resolution to the complaint still cannot be found, the Operations Manager will provide instructions on how to contact the Managing Director of the Onyx Group who will respond within 10 working days from receipt of the complaint.
5. If you are unhappy with the explanation offered to you by the Onyx Group, or any resolution proposal that has been made, you may contact the Ombudsman Communications Service. The Ombudsman Communications Service is operated by The Ombudsman Service Limited and provide a free and independent service that has been approved by the regulator, Ofcom. They investigate complaints fairly by looking at both sides of the story, and listening to the facts.
Contact can be made to the Ombudsman Communications Service by:

Visiting the Ombudsman website

By post:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

By phone: 0330 440 1614


The Onyx Group is committed to our customer’s privacy. Any personal information collected by Onyx will never be given out to 3rd party agencies unless required to by law. We strictly comply with United Kingdom Data protection legislation relating to the handling of customer information.