Business Drivers for Managed Services and Solutions

In this white paper we identify 7 of the key business drivers that are fuelling the growth in the adoption of Managed Services and explain just how these Managed Solutions can work for your business.

In this white paper (the first in our series of Managed Services Papers) we provide 7 reasons why you should consider moving to Managed IT Solutions.


The market is changing and as business and the technologies they use get more complex with a greater reliance on IT for mission-critical operations. That’s why a growing number of organisations are seeing significant benefits from having a team of experts, dedicated to managing elements of their IT infrastructure, leaving them free to focus on core business.


Increasingly, we’re deploying bespoke IT infrastructure solutions that are specifically designed for that business. These solutions enable business to capitalise on flexible, resilient technology to achieve their business goals.

To find out just why more businesses are opting to utilise managed services, download the whitepaper below to discover our 7 key business drivers.

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Onyx Managed Services at a glance

We align your IT with your business objectives. Our goal is to create a roadmap to help you achieve business excellence with IT that gives you greater agility, security and resilience. We take away the headache of everyday IT management, leaving you and your team free to focus on what you do best.

Buying in IT services means you get the right people for the right job without the time, cost and hassle of managing the process yourself. What’s more we’re here when you need us and we’re out of sight when you don’t. Consider us one of the team.

From Cloud Hosting and Backup, to Security, Connectivity, Monitoring and Support, we're finding that customers are consuming a broader range of our services. This is in line with current trends. Recent figures from CRN Intelligence show just how diverse the Managed Services market has become in terms of the services offered and the industries they support.

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