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Hybrid Cloud - The Best of Both Worlds

Posted on 19/05/2016

Many businesses have identified a move to the cloud as a way to transform their IT infrastructure for the better. But one of the most common questions we receive is around the arrangement of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. This article aims to address that question and explain why a hybrid solution could be the gateway to the cloud that many organisations are looking for.

The CIF estimates that 56% of businesses with over 200 employees are using some form of hybrid approach when it comes to their IT. These solutions seamlessly blend elements of a public and private cloud together to meet the complex needs of your business. Before we take a closer look at the hybrid solutions that we have developed, it is important to understand the differences between the public and private cloud to gain a full understanding of why many organisations are opting to use hybrid.

Public and private cloud solutions offer a route to the cloud for organisations in two different ways. Public cloud utilises off-site hardware which is shared between users. This method completely removes the hassle of hardware management with the provider taking care of all maintenance and upgrades. However, due to the shared hardware certain security standards, such as PCI DSS, cannot be met. This is where private cloud excels. As the name suggests the hardware is privately used by one organisation which tends to be held on-site or in a secure data centre. Whilst this brings added security and resilience, it also increases the time and cost spent on purchasing and maintaining hardware and limits the pool of computing resources that businesses can access.

At Onyx, we have developed a hybrid cloud for our clients that utilises our own cloud infrastructure to form the private cloud element, combined with the public cloud of an AWS or Microsoft Azure working in unison as one fluid solution. This enables clients to deploy different elements of their workload to certain parts of the cloud in order to be the most productive. For example, e-commerce stores can host their shop front on the public cloud which will provide the scalability required to meet the peaks in demand through various buying cycles. To compliment this, sensitive or critical data will be held on our private cloud based from our ISO-certified data centres with all of the added levels of resilience that this provides. This could be anything from email severs and data storage, to critical disaster recovery operations and customer payment data. This combination blends the flexibility and scalability of public cloud with the resilience of private cloud to create a bespoke solution that delivers tangible business benefits.

One of the other key benefits to utilising the hybrid approach is the increased levels of control you can have over your spending and budgets. A hybrid cloud solution is typically billed on a number of usage factors including bandwidth, CPU load and storage. Using this OPEX method provides a more stable predictable cost against which you can budget easier. Switching to a hybrid solution also reduces the need for substantial capital expenditure in hardware as only certain aspects of your entire IT estate need to be moved across, the remainder can be located on the public cloud.

From enterprise to SME, all organisations are facing changes in the way they work and without doubt, cloud is a key enabler of continued business success. When implemented with an appropriate use-case analysis the benefits of a cloud solution are very real. From reliability, flexibility, cost saving, and security to the intangible benefits of improved collaboration and communication, every organisation can reap the benefits of cloud with a bespoke hybrid solution.

At Onyx we pride ourselves on working alongside you to develop solutions that are tailored for your business. If you would like to discuss how a hybrid cloud solution can improve your business, please get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

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