More Products, More Profit

Maximise your business potential by joining the Onyx Business Partnership programme and offering services that businesses really need.

The Onyx Business Partner Programme is a flexible scheme which allows you to have as much or as little control over your client relationships as you see fit. There are three tiers to the programme with each offering different levels of involvement from Onyx, ranging from simple referrals – where we handle all of the sales – right through to creating your own white-label solution using Onyx products.

When you become a verified Onyx Partner you can then take advantage of our vast range of products and exceptional people to enhance your own portfolio:

  • Offer your customers and prospects colocation or managed hosting space in any of our 5 state-of-the-art ISO 27001 accredited data centres.
  • Utilise Onyx Group’s award winning Cloud Backup and Cloud server solutions to provide real added value for your customers.
  • Provide them space in one of our 6 strategically located Workplace Recovery Centres should their offices be deemed unavailable or inaccessible.
  • Supply reliable and fast internet connectivity via the Onyx Core Network, ranked in the top 1% of networks worldwide.
  • Complete the perfect IT Solution via our IT Security and IT Support services.

The Onyx Business Partner Programme has been created in order to deliver meaningful improvements to your business through the nurturing of mutually beneficial business relationships.

Why Choose Onyx?

By joining our business partner programme, we can provide substantial benefits to your business operations.

Substantial Business Growth

Generate new revenue streams throughout your business by expanding your current product offerings. By taking advantage of our superior infrastructure, you can maximise the potential of your current customer accounts and identify new business opportunities in previously unattainable markets.

End-to-End Support

Benefit from the full use of our highly skilled and accredited sales specialists and technical engineers. Your account manager will work alongside you during the pre-sales process ensuring that you have everything you need to close those big sales. Our support doesn’t stop there, following the sale, our technical support engineers will be on hand to ensure your customers will continue to receive the best service possible.

Maximised Brand Potential

You don’t just have to sell our products under the Onyx name, you can convert our solutions to fall in line with your own branding and values. With the full use of our state-of-the-art infrastructure at your disposal, you can offer your current customers and prospects a service that differentiates you from your competitors and reap the rewards of having the industry-leading Onyx products associated with your brand.

Cost-effective Strategy

Building one of the leading IT Infrastructures in the UK does not come easily and certainly does not come cheaply. By joining our business partner programme, you can benefit from offering your customers and prospects a service that would usually incur high development and maintenance costs, something you might have previously considered out of your reach financially.

Which business partner are you?

We understand that everyone'’s requirements are different. This is why we have created three distinct packages - Referral, Reseller and White Label Partnerships. This allows you to choose the exact level of support and involvement from Onyx Group that you need.

Referrer Reseller White Label
Data Centres
Business Continuity
24x7 Support
Sales Training
Joint Visits
Account Manager
Technical Training
Co-op Marketing Fund
Marketing Campaigns
Partner Portal
Partner Desk
Deal Registration (+£10k)
Partner Plaque
Pricing Discounts

(of annual recurring value)


(off standard rate card price)


Apply Apply Apply

Ideal for IT Consultants and Compliance Officers who have completed all of their research and analysis and have recommended Onyx Group to the end user. Onyx will take lead on all aspects of the sale following the referral, with the partner then claiming a set-percentage of the annual recurring revenue.


Perfect for IT companies who are looking to extend the amount of products they are currently offering their customer base. By choosing this package, resellers are able to offer their customer’s solutions that would normally be considered too costly to manufacture and maintain themselves.

White Label

Ideal for companies looking to provide a complete ‘own branded’ solution. This is typically where they may have developed a product or service but have no infrastructure to execute effectively. Onyx Group will simply provide our Business Partner with the service they need whilst allowing them to sell the product under their own brand name.