Cloud Hosting

Providing you with a gateway to enterprise-class infrastructure, exactly how you want it


The capital expenditure involved in upgrading, managing and repairing your current IT hardware can be a great concern. With our Hosted Cloud solution, we can provide your IT hosting as a virtually managed or unmanaged service, removing the costs associated with maintaining your own physical infrastructure.

Flexible Solutions

As companies change in size, IT requirements need to adapt. A flexible cloud computing option allows you to adjust your IT infrastructure quickly without having to upgrade, or purchase new hardware.


Our cloud-based model eliminates any unexpected expenditure. Onyx provides the infrastructure, software and platforms all as a service removing the need to upgrade, manage or repair any physical hardware giving you clearer control over your future IT expenditure.

Enhanced Reliability

With your data being replicated across our geographically diverse ISO 27001 Data Centres, we can ensure that downtime is a thing of the past and that your business-critical data will continue to be safe, secure and available.

Increased focus on core business activities

Adopting a hosted cloud solution and hosting your infrastructure from a virtual environment allows you to eradicate the costly and time-consuming responsibilities of managing your servers on-site, giving your current IT staff more time to focus on your core business activities.

Why Choose Onyx?

Cloud computing is a diverse solution characterised by the various models and services offered. Each business has their own requirements and Onyx have a solution to accommodate all sizes:

Leading Hardware

As a VSPP partner, we only use VMware Enterprise as our Hypervisor, providing customers with a solution hosted on the most mature and reliable hypervisor on the market.

Guaranteed Data Extraction

Our state-of-the-art Data Centres are 100% owned and managed by Onyx Group, providing you with the peace of mind that you can visit and collect your data at any time.

Complete Security

Onyx Group can ensure that your data is protected against any technical or physical threat. Providing the latest technology from leading vendors such as Check Point, Sophos and Juniper, our firewalls filter and control your network traffic, protecting your servers and computers from attack and misuse.

Comprehensive SLA

Onyx has the most comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the market. This protects you as a customer as the terms and level of service are clearly defined and agreed upon.


We'’ll find you the right solution. No matter what your business does or the scale of its operation, Onyx Group has a Cloud Hosting package for you:

Case Studies

Learn about the services we have provided for some of our key clients.