Resilient connectivity is the backbone of modern day business operations


Many mission critical functions of modern businesses are reliant upon a resilient, high speed connectivity, including back office systems, emails and VOIP communication. With our connectivity solutions the availability of these systems is never in doubt with a number of robust network options.

Connect With Confidence

With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of providing network and connectivity solutions for organisations of all sizes, experience total peace of mind in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands.

Tailored Requirements

Every business is unique in the way that they operate and there is no one size fits all connectivity package. We’ will tailor a network solution suited to the size and scale of your business operations adapting the cost, bandwidth, resilience and service level agreements to suit.

Constant Connections

Maintaining a constant connection can be imperative for the success of your business. Opting for an Onyx solution can provide you with a resilient connection to ensure that no issues ever arise and impact your business.

Facilitating Your Growth

As organisations grow and expand it can become increasingly difficult for diverse teams to collaborate due to a physical location change or a network that cannot cope with an increased workload. Our network solutions are adaptable to the changing needs of your business.


Whether your business operates 9 to 5 or 24/7, Onyx has a solution to completely support your business. With superior monitoring, first class customer support and bespoke network tailoring, we'’ll be there every step of the way.

Enterprise Class Support

As well as operating an incredibly resilient network, we pride ourselves on offering fully managed, end-to-end solutions, which are monitored and maintained 24/7 guaranteeing the highest levels of reliability.

Management Portal

Onyx have developed a management portal allowing you to monitor the status as well as receive detailed statistics on your own network usage. Reporting covers areas such as device resource utilisation, error rates, packet loss and latency as well as historical data and trend analysis.

End-to-end Solutions

The design and implementation of a network solution can be a complex procedure. This is why we will work to not only design an effective network solution which is tailored to meet your exact needs, we will also take care of the implementation and management of the network.

Manageable Circuit Aggregation

Network solutions can be difficult to manage due to the disparate nature of multiple circuits or carrier services. Our experience in the network industry gives us the ability to consolidate multiple circuits across multiple providers under a single management and point of contact, improving the efficiency, manageability and operational support.


Onyx have a range of connectivity solutions to support your business whatever its size may be. From providing your broadband to managing your entire network, we’'ve got you covered.

Multisite Managed WAN

Onyx network solutions are designed using MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) technology which is a high performance solution that directs data across network nodes using short path labels in place of complex network addresses. MPLS also allows differentiated delivery of data and the security of the data path across the network.

Remote LAN Management

Managing your Local Area Network (LAN) can be extensive and time consuming. We offer a Remote LAN Management solution enabling you to concentrate on managing other aspects of your business activity, monitoring your network for any issues, configuring the network for optimal usage and also deal with hardware replacement services.

Leased Lines

Through our extensive experience in the industry we have developed excellent relationships with all of the major UK telecoms service providers. This allows us to deliver the very best leased line solution to meet your requirements at the best price available.


Onyx can offer a comprehensive enterprise class broadband service. This service provides reliable internet connectivity from ADSL or FTTC lines and is fully managed by the Onyx team providing peace of mind that your connection is in safe hands.

Network Consultancy

Onyx Network Consultancy have some of the most innovative and technically gifted people in the industry that can assist you with the complex tactical and strategic decisions required when designing and implementing a LAN and WAN solution.

Internet Services

Onyx can offer a full range of internet services and related solutions, including broadband and leased line connections, email services, DNS, website and database hosting, IP address management and allocation and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) transit and peering.


Onyx's dedicated cabling division delivers accredited cable and wireless solutions for offices, manufacturing plants, hospitals, education establishments, government buildings and large entertainment venues. Our industry accredited engineering expertise, enables Onyx to design and commission Converged Infrastructures that integrate voice, data and video communications over single wired or wireless infrastructure.

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