Workplace Recovery

Guaranteeing uninterrupted service delivery to safeguard your reputation and income


Failing to prepare for a situation where business operations are disrupted could have a severe impact on revenue. Don’'t fall behind industry regulation and compliance and ensure your reputation is protected. We can minimise the risk of downtime at a predictable and affordable monthly cost.


Customers expect to be able to deal with organisations at any time of day and any drop in this level of service can have monumental implications for a business' reputation. Being unable to operate continually can have a negative effect on your customers experience. Workplace Recovery can save your reputation.


Adhering to industry regulations should be at the forefront of every business' thoughts and a resilient Workplace Recovery strategy can be an integral element of meeting those specifications. The FCA, SRA and PCIP just to name a handful are some of the industry governing bodies which require a plan to continue service delivery at all times.

Prepare for the Unexpected

A fire, flood, power failure or any other disaster can strike at any given time, and when even a small interruption of service can spell disaster for a modern business, preparing for these events can mean the difference between success and failure.

Constant Delivery of Service

Customers are continually expecting more and more from organisations that they work with and see an organisation’s ability to be resilient as a key differentiator. A comprehensive Workplace Recovery plan can reduce the impact of any unforeseen downtime and allow you to flourish where others may fail.


At Onyx we understand that resilience is the key to providing uninterrupted, high quality service to your customers, that'’s why we have designed our Workplace Recovery solutions with the following foundations to ensure your business never falls victim to the unexpected.

Superior Connectivity

Onyx has a backbone of five fully owned industry leading Data Centres and a core network that is ranked within the top 1% internationally.

A National Network of Recovery Facilities

With a number of state-of-the-art facilities located across the UK ready to restore your business functionality, Onyx also offers the opportunity to select a primary, secondary and tertiary site.

Office Environment

When your business service has been disrupted the last thing you need to worry about is having staff settle in to a new environment, that is why we supply all the high quality equipment and amenities that you could possibly need in a modern and inviting office environment. From desktop workstations and VoIP telephony, through to printers, photocopiers and kitchen facilities, our facilities are ready from the moment you need them.

Rapid Response and Guaranteed SLA

With just one phone call we can initiate your Workplace Recovery solution replicating your IT systems and mission critical data. With strict SLAs, you’ll receive the highest level of service from an organisation which has historically led the way in resilient IT infrastructure.

Case Studies

Learn about the services we have provided for some of our key clients.